Education Resources

Our website focuses on many aspects surrounding the world of education. In addition to school fee planning, we have provided links to exceptional educational resources. The internet is full of websites offering information on education; we’ve scoured the web for links that we think will be particularly useful to you. Please feel free to peruse the websites below to continue your research into the world of education.

The Cambridge University Press is a publication that’s been helping people since 1534. Their website is a myriad of resources for students, parents, and teachers. According to their mission statement, they aim to “unlock potential with the best learning and research solutions.” To see everything they have to offer please click the following link:

Oxfam is an organization focused on “empowering young people to be active global citizens.” Oxfam aims to alleviate the worldwide poverty problem through donations, campaigns, and education. At their website you can find resources for all age groups that teach about the importance of understanding and helping those from all over the world. For more information on how to help your child become a global citizen please click here:

The Open University is a group that benefits an adult audience. The Open University offers online education for free. They have resources in 12 different subject areas and over 12,000 hours of study material. In addition to their website, the OU has a YouTube channel with over 2,500 videos; it is the largest educational channel on YouTube within Europe. It’s never too late to expand your education; for more information please click the following link: