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In today’s society, education is no longer seen as a bonus, but rather a prerequisite. At one time, college attendance was much more uncommon but now it’s almost mandatory in order to get a decent job. Even before college comes into the picture, many parents grapple with the decision of sending their children to public or private institutions. The competition for college admission is fierce, and giving your child the upper hand could be the difference between sending them to a private school as opposed to a public one. Determining your child’s education is just one of the multitudes of things you must decide when you are a parent, and choosing between private and public institutions can be stressful. We here at School Legacy Consultinghope to help this decision weigh a little lighter on not only your mind —but also your wallet.

School Legacy Consulting is an experienced group looking to provide you with information and advice, so you can make the best choices for your child’s future. Slc-schools.ch will not only bring you the latest news on school fees, but we will also arm you with information to make your school fee planning a breeze. The cost of fees should never stand between your child and their education, and thanks to School Legacy Consulting’s assistance it doesn’t have to.

For many, the rising cost of private education is the determinate when choosing where to send their child — and it’s not surprising to understand why. In the last 25 years, fees associated with private schools have risen by 553 percent, but the average wage has only risen 201 percent. People’s wages can’t keep up with the increasing demands of private institutions. Today, sending your child to a boarding school will cost you approximately £30,000. Even if you decide not to board your child, you will still be spending roughly £15,500 to send them to a daily private school. With numbers like that, sending your child to a private school can seem like an impossible goal. But, School Legacy Consulting believes that every child should have the best opportunities —regardless of circumstance. The information we provide throughout this website can help you overcome the seemingly impossible ordeal of paying for school fees.

There are many factors involved with successful school fee planning. One of the most crucial parts of your school fee strategy is something you’re already doing —and that’s planning. The earlier you begin planning financially for your child’s education the better equipped you will be when the time comes. In the best case scenario, you would begin planning before your child is born, but we understand that sometimes this isn’t always feasible. At the very minimum, you should begin constructing your plans two years ahead of time.

Once you’ve decided to embark on the journey of school fee planning, the next step is quite obvious — take a good, hard look at the state of your finances. The money you use towards your child’s education isn’t going to come out of thin air; you’ll need to have a comprehensive understanding of your income, savings, and investments. Sitting down with a professional financial advisor is not necessary, but it could provide you with informed insight and advice you may not otherwise have gotten. Once you’ve taken the time to go through your affairs, you’ll have an understanding of your budget going forward. In addition to creating a budget, you could also set up an Individual Savings Account (ISA). An ISA is a non-taxable savings account, so that means you get to keep even more of your money.

Sometimes budgeting alone will not be enough to cover school fees. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself in these circumstances —you can pay for school fees even if your savings are less than desirable. Investments are another way to help you pay for school fees. The interest gained when you invest isn’t enough to cover the entirety of school fees, but it is helpful by giving you a little extra money towards your goal.

If your child’s education is important to you, chances are it’s important to their grandparents as well. The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is true in many cases —including school fee payment. If you are having trouble raising the funds on your own, it may be worth the effort to ask relatives for help.

With the climbing costs of private institutions, some families may still find fees too high despite their best efforts. If after all of your savings, investments, and budgeting you find yourself coming up short, you still have options. Many private schools understand that their fees are often unreasonable for some families, and to counteract this they provide scholarships. These scholarships can vary from helping only a little to covering the entire cost of tuition. As with the financial planning, it’s critical that you start looking at scholarships early. Some scholarships are offered for skills in athletics or academics, so it may be worthwhile to enroll your child in extra-curricular activities to increase their chances. Unfortunately, the amount of scholarships for smaller private institutions may soon be slim to none. The proposed tax increase on private schools may hinder their ability to offer scholarship opportunities. The limited availability of scholarships means it’s important now more than ever to begin strategizing your school fee plan.

School Legacy Consulting is here to help make you and your child’s dreams a reality. The soaring cost of private institutions shouldn’t stop you from giving your child the best they can possibly have. Our website aims to show you all the ways you can achieve the seemingly unachievable. Whether you need information on investments, scholarships, or the best private schools, you can find anything here at our website. As we’ve stated before, it’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future, and you’ve already made a great first step by visiting our webpage. School Legacy Consulting hopes to be fully launched within the next 18 months, so that we can assist as many hopeful parents as possible. Please continue to peruse our website to find all the information you need to help you with school fees and begin your child’s journey into private education.